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Dedi 43inch Touch LCD screen refrigerator tables
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Dedi 43inch Touch LCD screen refrigerator tables

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43inch Touch LCD screen washing tables
Touch lcd screen: can be used to play games, surf the Internet, watching movies, listening to music
Separate double temperature zone with refrigerator function
Bluetooth Speaker
Dual usb charging interface
Color: white, gold and so on
Scope: Home, KTV, bars, disco, living room, office, hotel and so on
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Product Details
  • Materials 

    Metal, Plastic, Glass
  • Measurements 

    43"L x 23"W x 17.5"H

— Warranty: 1 Year Limited 
— Refrigerator Drawer 22" x 11" x 7" 
— 2 Storage Drawers 10" x 13" x 5" 
— 2 USB Charging Ports 
— 4 (120V) Power Outlets 
— Bluetooth Enabled Speakers 
— Touch Control Panel 
— Tempered Glass Top 
— LED Lighting 
— Temp Range: 33-56 degrees F (1-12 degrees C)







Dedi Technology Maintenance:

Smart Mini Bar freezer Maintenance Tips

1. Smart mini bar freezer may be clean each two months

2. Clean dustproof each two months to avoid bad heat dissipation. Use vacuum cleaner or brush to clean dust , please don’t use any tools with sharps to avoid any damage on dust proof.

3. If you want to shut down the freezer for long time, Please clean the drawer and dry the drawers with blow drier , and keep it in clean and dry place from high corrosive gas. Don’t put it in open air.

4. Before cleaning the mini bar, please make sure to turn off the power and take off the plug, don’t flush the unit with water directly.  Don’t use any corrosive liquid with acidic or alkaline, neutral detergent is better to clean the unit.

How to prevent “Freezer Disease

1.The food corrupt deterioration can’t be put into freezer, and don’t try to eat this kind of food.

2.Keep the freezer clean and dry, Clean the surface of the drawers and load bearing timely.

3.The people with chronic stomach disease, heart disease, high blood pressure or headache have to fast or pay attention to eating cold food. Normal people don’t excessive cold drink.

Attention for mini bar using in winter

Mini bar has the function of freezing. If the ambient temperature is too low, freezer will shut off automatically in several minutes after turning on. If the ambient temperature is lower than setting temperature of the freezer, the freezing function will not start. So please pay attention that don’t start the freezer function when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃.

Attention for power outlet

Most people like multipurpose power outlet, it’s quite convenient for home using. But it’s very dangerous to share the same multipurpose power outlet for mini bar and other home appliances.

Let’s give a sample with mini bar and normal television:

Start current of both mini bar and television is very big, start current of mini bar is about 5-10 times of running current, television start current is 7-10 times of running current, if turn on the mini bar and television at the same time, home plug and electric wire cannot bear such big shock and cause damage on units. Meanwhile, operations of mini bar will produce electromagnetic wave, which may interfere running the television.

Please don’t use the same power outlet for mini bar with any other home appliances.

Operation Manual:

Solution for static electricity

Cause: Static electricity with mini bar will not hurt. Static electricity is little static charge. Different from normal ac power, it cannot keep continues current.

Solution: Please contact with professional electrician to earth the mini bar.

Solution for not-starting in winter

Cause: In winter, the mini bar cannot start or run for minutes and shut down in low ambient temperature.


1. Each mini bar has compensation switch for low temperature. In winter, please make sure to turn on the compensation switch to heat the mini bar for normal operation

2. For better operation, please put the mini bar in warm place(environment temperature can be higher than 5℃).

 Adjustment unsteady placement of the mini bar


1.Four feet under the mini bar can be adjusted to make balance of the unit

2.Clockwise rotation makes the unit higher, counter clockwise rotation makes the unit lower

Inspection and solution for condensing water from the mini bar

If the mini bar runs in high temperature and high humidity, and the surface of the unit is cold, the water in the air will condense on the surface. You may feel the condensing water. It’s normal as condensing water on the glasses in winter morning. Condensing can be happen on door, beam or seal. Please pay attention to follow tips to control condensation phenomenon:

1.Setting the temperature in low level, such as 5-8 ℃

2.Clean the glass surface and the freezer by soft cloth timely in summer

3. Put the mini bar in good ventilation conditioning

4.Clean the door seal timely, make sure to keep the door seal in good structure.

Solution for not tight closing or air leakage

After period of time, mini bar door seal will be harden and deformed by cooling air in the mini bar.


1. Heating by drier or hot towels

2.Tight close the door after the seal is becoming soft



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