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Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Machine Body Temperature Test Machine
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Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Machine Body Temperature Test Machine

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Product Features:

1. Built-in non-contact high-precision thermal imaging module + live detection in one

2. Temperature detection range 35~42,Precision±0.3

3. Support human body temperature overlay,picture overlay

4. Support body temperature detection

5. Supports mask detection

6. Built-in FACE ++ deep learning face recognition algorithm,Stable and reliable

7. Support 50,000 face database

8. 100 ms fast identification

9. 7inch HD LCD display

10. Local alarm output after abnormal temperature

11. Face recognition, temperature detection, and mask recognition, Freely configure multiple usage modes

12. ultra-thin metal shell.

13. Can record identification information and temperature information, save traceability

14. Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong backlight, support automatic face exposure

15.  Support Wigan protocol, can directly drive access control and control various gates

16. Rich hardware interface, integrated 100M Ethernet interface, audio interface, Wiegand interface, relay interface, TF card, USB and other interfaces

17. Support 2D, 3D digital noise reduction

18. Low power consumption, main board power consumption is as low as 5 watts

19. Support the secondary development of device-side application software

20. Support various software and hardware customize.







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